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Indie recording artist, Bill Hartmann performs his original songs for a wide range of fans. Drawing them in with his masterful storytelling, he delivers lyrics that touch one’s soul. Many compare his musical style to James Taylor and the late great storyteller, Harry Chapin.

“Bill approaches his tunes in the mould of the great folk rock, blues rock and country rock artists of yesteryear. There is that iconic ‘Americana’ sound reimagined to fit such original compositions as ‘Someone That You Never Really Knew’, ‘The One Who Stayed’, and his festive gem, ‘Missing You At Christmas’. “


Take Me Home full size.jpg

After finishing his set at the Smoky Mountains Songwriters Festival, Bill Hartmann stopped in to hear the final performers. He went numb when a songwriter announced that due to an illness, it would be their very last show. The songwriter thanked the audience for many years of support and thanked his co-writers for their friendship and music. Take Me Home is dedicated to the memory of songwriter Rick Irwin.

...Just give me one more show before you take me home,
Let me do the things I love with all the friends I've come to know.
At night before I close my eyes, I pray tomorrow I will rise.
So I can play just one more show, before the angels Take Me Home...

Just Like Water is a collection of songs about life, love and how time can change both for worse or better. This nine track CD was mastered by Grammy award winning engineer/mixer Zach Ziskin and produced by multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter/producer Fernando Perdomo who says  “Hartmann is a great lyricist,

all of his songs have awesome stories, lots of verses with good messages."

...The love you thought was meant to be is now a distant memory.
Everything you trusted to believe in
just blown away like pages in the wind.
And they drift away Just Like Water under the bridge...

His recordings and live performances display an expressive vocal and storytelling style influenced by Harry Chapin, Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens and Jim Croce. Hartmann's use of a Seagull 12-string guitar, with its unique chiming tones, adds to the originality." 

-Bill Meredith, Music Columnist, THE PALM BEACH POST

"Bill's music features cadences reminiscent of classic James Taylor with beautiful harmonies lyrical finesse and outstanding 12-string guitar playing!"


Now and Then is a collection of songs spanning 30 years of Hartmann’s musical career. Like his musical inspiration, Harry Chapin, Hartmann enjoys telling stories through song. As revealed in "You" and "Sorry," they are frequently stories about

life lessons. In choosing songs for this CD, Hartmann highlights the changes he underwent musically and personally.

...Every Now and Then I wonder about the road that lies ahead
will I keep on playing music 
with the songs stay in me head....

Missing You at Chrismas.jpg

Having recently lost his dog, Bill Hartmann wanted to express this loss in a song. With the holidays approaching, it occurred to him that every year there are people facing the holidays missing a loved one. Yet, people still went on with shopping, crowds, and gift giving. Missing You at Christmas expresses the feelings of continuing with holiday traditions while honoring the memory of the loss.

...I'll be Missing You at Christmas as I sit beside the tree unwrapping all my presents, the ones you left for me.
And Im trying to be happy and I hope that you will see.
I'll be Missing You at Christmas, Missing you at Christmas,
but I'll toast the life you lived on New Year's Eve...



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